Casino Prepaid Cards

card9Soon, the world will forget what cash was. Already, in most Western countries, it is clearly obvious that paper money is on the verge of extinction. In fact, the Norwegian government is predicting that Norway will be the first cash-free country in a few years. Also UK is going more towards a society without cash. For online casino sites in UK there is even a great guide for all the avaliable cash out and deposit options. Anyone that wants to learn more about the topic can read about fast casino payouts at They also list all best avaliable options for making a casino deposit and payout.

Cash Is Disappearing

Already, there are talks about limiting the numbers of ATMs, and charging a “cash fee” every time a person wants to withdraw money. Cash eliminates many problems, and though conspiracy theorists probably will make up some crazy story, the fact still remains that a cash-free world will be much better than what he have today. Why? No muggers, no bank vaults, no money transports.

Prepaid Cards Are Taking Over

In the future, people will simply bing their own prepaid cards with them when they leave the house. This will make it easier to stick to certain budgets, something many a workingman or woman will be happy for. Already, many people are gambling with prepaid cards only. It is so easy, fast and efficient that even offline casinos have followed suit.

card8All you need to do is create an online prepaid card through your bank, and deposit the chosen amount at any online casino. Every online casino offers payments with debit cards, and their policies now include payment via prepaid cards. The main reason for using casino-based prepaid cards is, of course, the limits that can be put in place. You can choose how much you are willing to spend – never play with more than you can afford to lose – and then you can deposit safely via the prepaid card. Nobody will ever manage to abuse your bank account, and the level of anonymity remains very high.

Why You Might Use Prepaid Cards at a Casino:

  1. First of all, it’s easy. Just create a card online, and use it online. Most systems are user-friendly, meaning that the design is intuitive, so that you should not have any issues finding your way, even if you are a complete noob.
  2. Second, it is very fast. If you start right now, after reading this article, you could be looking at your very first spin of the roulette wheel, or a modern slot machine, within five minutes. One minute to open an account, two to create a prepaid card, another minute to deposit the funds, and the last minute to browse through the array of games offered online.
  3. Third, it is completely safe. Even though your funds are always insured, it could be a hassle to get your money back if your bank is abused. Yes, you need not worry too much, because even with your credit card being lost or stolen, chargeback policies will restore all the funds you might end up losing. But it takes time, and there is often a lot of bureaucracy to negotiate. Why bother with all of this, when you can create a prepaid card instead, and use it just once?